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GISBox is a ready-to-use virtual appliance containing an assortment of powerful, free and open source GIS, Data Mining and Analysis software.



Switzerland direct download (swiss local web provider):
GISBox 1.0
| size: 2.6GB
md5sum: 553a6316d553d685c1da40203e490cf3

Worldwide direct download (people outside Switzerland):
GISBox 1.0 (on | size: 2.6GB
md5sum: 553a6316d553d685c1da40203e490cf3



GISBox User Manual (draft)



The pre-configured and tested GISBox allows you to use in just a few minutes a variety of software utilized by data scientists, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, geomatics engineers, and geographers from around the globe, with a one-time installation of the Oracle VirtualBox™ software on your Linux, Windows or Mac computer.

The GISBox is based on open-source components and can be freely distributed, duplicated and passed around, even with your own datasets and in-house applications.

If you are affiliated with the Ecole polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, please use this link for downloading or support information:



A complete list of the packages provided by the GISBox can be found here.

  • QGIS - OpenSource GIS
  • Grass - OpenSource GIS
  • QtOctave - Graphical frontend to Octave
  • Octave - High-level interactive language for numerical computations (similar to Matlab™)
  • RStudio - Graphical frontend to R
  • R - Language and environment for statistical computing and graphics
  • Spyder - Python IDE with matlab-like feature
  • WEKA- A Java data mining package
  • Postgis - Geographic Objects for PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL server


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